HELEJANÉ hails from one of the most iconic countries of the world – Nigeria; which is famous for its rich culture and traditions that have been in practice since centuries. There’s no shortage of brands that sell leather handbags but tempting designs and dedication to using fine quality original calfskin leather from the finest tanneries are what distinguishes HELEJANÉ apart from the other brands. Our Leather accessories are feminine with a wide range from dazzling clutch to a cool tote that fit your every occasion. With the combination of exclusivity, durability, comfort, and a touch of cultural heritage we’ve done our absolute best to give you every reason to love our beautiful bags – and our core values that lie behind them.

How was HELEJANÉ born? Our Story!

Helejane Brand


Every story has a background story that sets the foundation for a success story. Inspired by her passion to create high end fashion accessories for contemporary professional women, our creative director Dolapo Deji -Torey stepped into the world of high fashion in 2008. At first, she started designing & sewing custom made apparels and gowns for her clients. Although being an entrepreneur in Nigeria is a challenge in itself but she kept going, refusing to give up on a craft she so passionately loved.

A few years later, her passion to create was once again stirred from a humorous debate at a gathering of family and friends. Dolapo had been attending the traditional wedding ceremony of a distant cousin, when amidst the intense beats of the talking drum, a discussion about the type of bag most appropriate for the event ensued among the women gathered there. One of the women had brought a clutch purse that would perfectly match her colorful Ankara outfit for the event, but she had a work function later that same day. While preparing to catch up to her work function, the woman started ranting about how she couldn’t fit anything in her bag as she struggled to fit her computer and files into it while mumbling that she wished she had just brought her big work bag instead. As soon as she said the words, a flash of various comments about how her work bag would be terribly suited to the occasion and her outfit echoed in what turned out to be a hilarious argument with some humorous opinions.

As she watched all this unfold, Dolapo hit upon the idea of creating handbags that would be fit for all occasions. She had been eagerly thinking about designing hand bags after a chance encounter with a bag artisan had motivated her to create a line of bags for the modern women that would highlight and revel her femininity, while also being functional at every step of the women’s journey through life. Dolapo wanted to create a line of bags that would accompany modern women everywhere from work, to parties, home and anywhere else she had to be for any event. So, this led her to setting things in motion towards the capsule collection “Anneé Du Cheval” in collaboration with the bag artisan fate had destined her to meet a few months earlier.

Inspired by the colorful and authentically African cultural setting around her, she also vividly wanted bags to be artistically infused with the beautiful elements of her African and black identity.

If we are to preserve culture, we must continue to create it!

Whatever we do at HELEJANÉ, it revolves around Nigeria's vast heritage, history and culture. Inspired by the colorful and rich artistic nature of the African culture, our handbags with their unique designs take you to an expedition that makes you relive Nigerian culture and heritage in one way or the other. We are creating art luxury products with minimalist designs. From the iconic Ankara prints that inspire our elegant designs to the elephant tusk style of our metal accessories, we use the African heritage as our muse in creating simple silhouettes of functional art.

HELEJANÉ is committed to providing superior quality ladies handbags for its customers by sticking to its uncompromising policy on the quality. HELEJANÉ’s attractive designs and commitment to use fine-quality original calfskin leather are what distinguishes it apart from others.


We offer quality with each bag created using a careful selection of calf skin leather, strong light-weight supports and polished brass delicately plated in 24-carat fine gold. We innovatively create each bag as part of a limited edition with bespoke detailing that ensures no two bags are exactly the same. We aim to create unique pieces that are never identical to one another, therefore creating a luxury product that is exclusive to you.


For all the amazing ladies who love stylish leather handbags that are fit for all occasions, HELEJANÉ is your one-stop-solution that provides exclusive handbags and accessories which are a combination of durability, comfort, and class with a touch of cultural heritage that is sure to make you STANDOUT from the crowd while giving you the luxury to cater to all your needs. Our elegant and comfortable leather bags are made to last, accompanying you wherever life takes you.