The Helejané minimalistic but luxurious aesthetic is visible in all six bag styles.


The Horse

“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful” – Pam Brown. In Chinese Astrology, Horses symbolizes, energy, strength and the pursuit of happiness. Helejane’s “ LÉ CHEVAL – PRINT COLLECTION” is a celebration of strong, beautiful women achieving success. It is a love letter to women riding on and conquering in every sector: women who are impacting their communities. The print collection features distinct graphic representation of Nigeria’s history, culture and art. The  Lé Cheval collection celebrates the legendary Queen Amina of Zazau in Northern Nigeria. She represents the spirit of strength and womanhood. She is illustrated with a spear in hand, on her charger in this collection’s campaign.“

The collection celebrates modern femininity with emphasis on craftsmanship and expertise to create the most astonishing and unique handbags. To create the Le Cheval collection, the band designed its unique leathers. The designer was inspired by 3 pillars of Nigerian culture: Vlisco’s flying horse Ankara, inspiring women (This Day print) and National heritage (Nigeria Flag) thus creating a functional piece of Art.

The  Lé Cheval collection is a first of its kind in Africa, while the African fashion world is associated with fabric bold prints, Helejané changes the game, the designer expertly uses technology to emboss beloved Nigerian print Ankara, newspaper patterns, on genuine calf leather to create cheeky, layers of textures, colors, and culture. These iconic bags are transcendent. The collection is set to officially launch on the 6th of September with timely press coverage by British Vogue and other media platforms.

The le Cheval collection includes the following limited editions lines:

  • DIVA