the new Luxury

It’s nice to see you here. We are Nigeria’s leading fashion brand and we believe every woman deserves to enjoy the best of fashion.

The brand is dedicated to delivering only the finest quality handbags for women. And we promote perfect craftsmanship, an obsession for experienced handiwork, and the best resources to create our signature styles.

Helejane Brand


Unparalleled Product Designs

Helejané prides itself on its innovative designs for luxury leather goods with artistic elegance offering quality, and versatility to a modern woman.

Classic style and enduring sophistication have always been the first priority of Helejané.

The Founder’s Note

“I’ve introduced HELEJANÉ, a platform for women, managed by women to embrace energy, excitement, and style in their life. We are passionate about fashion and design, we deeply understand the world we live in. For this reason, I have brought HELEJANÉ to life in order to make it ethically and fashionably fit for every woman out there.”

Dolapo Deji-Torey,
Creative director

Each bag is created using a careful selection of calfskin leather, strong light-weight supports and polished brass delicately plated in 24-carat fine gold.

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